I've been a freelance web developer since 2013. I've been involved in all sorts of projects, from a CMS for a narrow casting system to a mobile app for a global fashion retailer and a web app for investment bankers. In most roles the focus has been on creating the frontend (using React), but I also feel confident creating and contributing to backend API's (in TypeScript).

Recent client projects



For Rabobank I created the React frontend app from scratch for the Value Chain Viewer project. This project is part of the Data4Food innovation department at Rabobank which develops data-driven solutions for farmers around the globe.


Kamer van Koophandel

For the Dutch Chambre of Commerce (KVK) I worked as a frontend engineer in the team building and deploying the new Online Registration web app, which makes it easy for Dutch entrepreneurs to register their business completely online. (in Dutch)


Tommy Hilfiger

For Tommy Hilfiger I worked as a fullstack JavaScript developer on their loyality app MyTommy. The app is build in React Native for both iPhone and Android, with a restful Node/Express API on the backend.



For Stichting Dedicon I created a player for their audio books collections. It's build specifically for users with visual impairments. The player has a karaoke function that highlights the text currently being read, which helps children with dyslexia. (in Dutch)